Appearance at the Calgary Roughnecks’ Game

On March 26, 2010, members of Sistership took part in the half-time activities at the Calgary Roughnecks’ lacrosse game. That weekend, all across the league, money was raised for breast cancer awareness. Kelcie Swartout, Game Day Coordinator for the Roughnecks, contacted us on Monday to ask if we could take part in the event and maybe even bring our dragon boat with us! Without much time to plan, our members, coach Jon Davies, and Lynda from the Canoe Club, took our boat out of winter storage and it was transported to the Saddledome by Friday evening.

The evening was an incredible experience for us all. When the players went onto the turf, we formed the “fan tunnel” with the cheerleaders. At half-time, we paraded around the floor with our boat while “our drummer”, Annie Pattison, sang a beautiful rendition of “Heroes”. Annie is 11 years old and performs at many national and international festivals and events. The attached link to youtube shows the performance: Roughnecks’ Game Annie Pattison

Vicki Kranenburg and artist Brian Cooley made arrangements to display our maquette and took care of it for the evening..

We now have a wonderful memory of the night we took our boat out for a walk and partnered with the community to raise awareness of survivorship, dragon boating, and Sistership!