Our Legacy

Our Legacy Boat was purchased in 2015.

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Dedicating the Legacy Boat

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Dedication to the Legacy Boat, 2015 – Deidre Palik

Our Maquette Has A New Home!

Maquette at EFW small

A special thanks goes to EFW Radiology, a returning gold-level sponsor, who has on display the Sistership maquette at their flagship location at Suite 100, 2000 Veterans’ Place in NW Calgary.  This is a truly meaningful way for the maquette to be seen and admired by a large number of people while spreading the name and cause of Sistership to EFW clients and staff.

Maquette Postcard With Hole 640

Maquette Postcard – Click to view larger image

Maquette Postcard Without Hole 640

Maquette Postcard – Click to view larger image

Label sideways back, New Version, 20150225

Back of Postcard – Why We Created The Maquette – Click to view a larger image

Our Third Legacy Bench!

Early in 2015, Sistership added a third legacy bench honouring our women.  This lovely bench is situated in Nose Hill Park and is facing a beautiful pond.  This bench is numbered 19 on the Nose Hill Park bench map.

Third Bench 1 - 640

Third Bench Plaque – Click to view larger image

Third Bench 4 - 640

Third Bench 3 - 640

Third Bench 2 -640

Third Bench 5 - 640

Our Second Legacy Bench!

In 2014, Sistership added a second legacy bench.  This beautiful bench is situated in Glenmore Park, close to the Calgary Canoe Club, and overlooking the new pond.

New Bench 6

Second Bench Plaque – Click to view larger image

New Bench 4

New Bench 3


New Bench Sunlight

Our First Legacy Bench

In 2000, Sistership built our first legacy bench in memory of our team mates who died. This bench overlooks the dragon boat race site on the Glenmore Reservoir.

sistership bench - Copy (3)

Old Bench Plaque Small

First Bench Plaque – Click to view larger image

Old Bench Back Small

Old Bench Front Small