Our Legacy

Dedication to the Legacy Boat, 2015 – Deidre Palik

We are here this evening, in Sistership, to celebrate: our first venture of the year out on the water, each other, and our new Legacy boat! 

Since the inception of Sistership in 1998, close to 290 have joined us in009 (2) (640x457) choosing dragon boating as a way to be active post breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Making that choice, not the diagnosis, is where we find our common thread. We are positive, strong-spirited, and determined to live on. 

And so, we are here to welcome our new boat to our waters and to us. Let’s treat her well, taking good care around her wooden gunnels and seats and around other objects like the canoe and the docks. Let’s keep the energy and talk inside the boat positive. Let’s say a quiet “Thank you” each time she returns us safely to shore. Treat her well, and she will treat us well! 

057 (2) (1) (640x466) - CopySome of our former members have passed away, and, in their honour, we have placed their names inside the boat. The memories of them, their strength, courage, and joy will fuel us as we train, grow stronger, and race! 

Many bequeaths associated with some of these past members have made the purchase of this boat possible and why we call her “Legacy.” And so, I ask you to say “Thank You” for the gift they have given us today! 

Cheers to “Legacy,” to “Sistership,” to each other. Be strong, be happy, be well! PADDLES UP!


The Creation of Our Maquette – Artist Brian Cooley

The Sistership Dragon Boat Association commissioned a legacy project for all people in the community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or are deeply affected by cancer.

The bronze monument depicts a dragon carrying breast cancer paddlers. The dragon boat crew work in unison, overcoming challenging waves in their quest for renewed strength to conquer cancer. These courageous paddlers are a testimony to the human spirit and living proof that there is an active life worth living following a cancer diagnosis.

Maquette at EFW smallThis legacy art piece is also a memorial to honour those who have died from breast cancer and to acknowledge family members, caregivers, and supporters. Sistership is forever grateful for the dignity and courage all have shown during their life journey. 

The Marquette is currently on display at the EFW Radiology flagship location: suit 100, 2000 Veterans’ Place in NW Calgary. The dedicated exhibit is a truly meaningful way for the Marquette to be seen and admired by many people while spreading the name and cause of Sistership.


Our Legacy Benches!

In 2000, Sistership built our first legacy bench in memory of our teammates who are no longer with us. The bench overlooks the dragon boat race site on the Glenmore Reservoir.

In 2014 Sistership added a second legacy bench. This beautiful bench, situated in Glenmore Park, close to the Calgary Canoe Club, overlooks the new pond.

Sistership’s second legacy bench placed 2014.


A third Legacy Bench was added in early 2015, honouring our sisters. This lovely bench is situated in Nose Hill Park and faces a beautiful pond. The bench is number 19 on the Nose Hill Park bench map.