Please find attached the annual Registration Package for the 2021 paddling season.

Due to the COVID Pandemic, Registration for the 2021 Paddling Season will be slightly different.  All members will be required to pay $20 for their Sistership Membership. However, the Paddling Fee of $150 will be suspended at this time, the collection date to be determined.  This includes new and returning members who chose not to transfer their 2020 fees to the 2021 Paddling season.

If you wish to register as an Alumni Member (past paddler), please forward $20 with your current address, phone number and email address and mail to Cathy Skeith, Registrar or email

Please advise if you wish to be removed from this list. Any other questions/concerns please respond to the registrar at

Fee Options:

  • Payment can be made by e-transfer to or cash/cheque (made out to Sistership Dragonboat Association) and mailed to Cathy Skeith by December 31, 2020

Registration Forms

  • Members print then scan the completed forms and email the PDF to the Registrar at
  • Members print then mail their completed forms to Cathy Skeith, Registrar
  • If a member cannot print the forms, they may contact the Registrar and forms will be mailed to them.

Although many details of the 2021 Paddling Season are uncertain, it is important to complete the Registration Package.  It is necessary to have a completed PARQ for any activity we undertake as a group, on or off the water.

Thank you very much,

Cathy Skeith

Sistership Registrar

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2021 Registration Package

AHS Medlist Form

2020-2021 PAR-Q