Tributes and Speeches

The following is a collection of tributes and speeches made by Sistership women over the years.  Click on the title of the tribute or speech to view it.

2017 Breaking ground on the Calgary Cancer Centre A special tribute to Rebecca

2017 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Karin McGown

2017 A Sistership Tribute to Frankie Wendy McLeish

2015 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Laura Connolly

2015 Legacy Boat Tribute Deidre Palik

2013 Survivors’ Parade Joanie Snodgrass

2013 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Deidre Palik

2012 Run For The Cure Survivors’ Parade Diane Martin

2011 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Joanie Snodgrass

2010 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony  Deidre Palik

2009 Picnic and Paddle Gaydon Willis

2008 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Charlene Waldal

2007 Penny’s Sistership Tribute Charlene Waldal

2007 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Charlene Waldal

2006 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Charlene Waldal

2006 – Jennifer Sass’s Sistership Tribute Kim Blaikie

2005 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Wendy McLeish

2005 Ginny’s Sistership Tribute Wendy McLeish

2002 Calgary Festival Flower Ceremony Written by Carolyn Parks / Delivered by Vicky Kranenburg

2001 Run For The Cure Speech  Kim Blaikie